Part Two is Coming, but I Must Share This Wonderful Review

5 Apr

Part Two of my Vampire post is coming, but I received this review of The Stand In that was such a close and thoughtful read, the kind that author’s dream of– I just had to share. Check out Yawatta Hosby’s blog, her reviews are great fun.

I loved this 9 chapter novel. The very first scene reminded me of “Summer of Sam”, which is one of my favorite movies. My favorite moments were when Lola first meets Eddie, Eddie thinking he won’t be nice to his landlord once he gets hired for a gig, and when Danny plays detective.

I like how every angle of Hollywood was mentioned. Brad Geagley has a gift of being amazing with characterization and describing enough details of a character’s background to make readers care for everyone. Everyone was interesting. Nadine and Danny always made me laugh-they worked for a gossip radio station (reminded me of E!). Then, there was the PR guy, director, and producer. Understanding their motives helped me realize their desperation of keeping the film rolling. Even though I didn’t always agree with their choices, I respected their decisions. Then, there’s the cop that’s being bribed to cover-up. I so wanted him to tell Louis Solomon to kiss his ass LOL. Last but not least, the actors and crew. I enjoyed their sections the most. I loved getting to see Eddie and Lola’s friendship blossom while Rick and Lola’s came to a screeching halt. It blew my mind when it was revealed that she hadn’t really been in a car accident, but Rick had hit her. No wonder she hated him.

This novel was very entertaining from beginning to end. You have no idea how much I love mysteries, and this definitely kept me guessing to the last second. I always kept suspecting Rick, Eddie, or the photo double to be the killer. The author was great in giving little clues here and there to keep the suspense going. Danny was so close to finding out the truth!

I was VERY IMPRESSED with the twist at the end. If anyone has ever seen the movie “Tangled”, then you’ve heard of the story about the good son and bad son. That will give you an idea of how awesome the twist was. Was Rick the killer? Or someone else? I would love to tell you, but I can’t give it away. You’ll have to read the book to find out. Let’s just say, I was spooked.

Doesn’t it make you want to buy a copy and support this indie author? Here’s the link. Thank you for reading, thank you for buying the books, thank you for caring about writers and literature and the best things in life.


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